If you’re not content with buying just any other Bugatti Veyron, then you might be interested in this particular 2007 light blue Veyron that comes with its very own Bugatti-detailed Mercedes Atego car transporter.

The car and transporter package is being sold for $1,264,815 at Cragslist.
In this day and age, Bugatti Veyron owners are as rare as the supercar itself so for those owning one, it takes a little something extra to stand out from your peers. That’s where the Atego transporter, which comes with a matching paint scheme, Bugatti logos, and a car ramp, comes in.

The car and transporter is currently located in the Netherlands where it is available at van Vliet Personenauto’s. Interested buyers outside of the country may have to shell out a few more wad for shipping and transport.


Source: Jameslist

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  (580) posted on 08.10.2011

Too bad that there’s no more production for this vehicle! And I think its successor the Galibier would cost that much as well.

  (212) posted on 08.10.2011

Well, as expected from this car..most probably the company would provide a delivery for this million dollar car! I wonder on when could I afford to buy on one of this.

  (412) posted on 07.15.2011

As expected from a high end sportscar it will definitely provides its own transport vehicle! And I guess the car and transporter package is not a bog deal for a wealthy folks.

  (467) posted on 07.15.2011

Too bad that we will not be seeing any production of Veyron for Bugatti is working on the successor of this vehicle.

  (702) posted on 07.12.2011

I just remember the dumb driver of Porsche GT ( I forgot the model) which tries to put the car inside the truck without the help of the professionals and he uses two thin piece of wood to serve as an incline plane! How idiotic!

  (442) posted on 07.12.2011

Wow! Is this for free? That’s kind of cool at least its not a problem anymore if this million dollar car would be travel from far places. The Veyron is already killed I wonder if same thing goes on their future model

  (683) posted on 03.7.2011

I do believe that Bugatti is much powerful compare to whatever truck that will carry it! I just wonder if their would any upcoming production of Bugatti on China?

  (570) posted on 01.31.2010

Well, including a delivery truck for such an expensive car is not that bad. I actually know of only one person who owns a Bugatti Veyron and I don’t think I have seen him drove it to it’s best potential, I don’t even think he left 2nd or 3rd gear when he used it so transporting it instead of burning fuel with it is not such a bad thing to do.

  (1333) posted on 01.27.2010

@tito0708 - agree with you, it would be the best if it comes out in matte black paired with chrome Rims.

  (11) posted on 01.27.2010

the color of the car is bad i dont liked

  (708) posted on 01.26.2010

of course transporting this $1,264,815 baby should take a lot of carefulness and effort specially for the delivery boys and drivers, well because it’s a lot more expensive than their own houses.

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