Bugatti Veyron Replacement Won’t Arrive for at Least Two Years

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A few months ago, it was rumored that Bugatti would come to the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show with a successor for the current Veyron. Instead, the company decided to reveal a new special-edition Veyron built as a tribute to Jean Bugatti.

Still, Bugatti is in the works to add a new supercar to its lineup, and Dr Wolfgang Schreiber, president of Bugatti, offered the first details on it. According to him, the new model "will not be a successor of the Veyron because you cannot succeed the Veyron." The new model will be indeed a new "super sports car," but completely different to the Veyron. This basically means that it’ll be a replacement, not a successor...

The new model until Bugatti has finished building the models that it has on order. According to Schreiber, once the last Veyrons are built, which will take about two years, the Veyron’s book is closed and will not open again.

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Bugatti Veyron

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Bugatti unveiled the Veyron in 2005 and, despite its controversial exterior look, the supercar received numerous awards, including the name of "Car of the Decade" from TopGear.

The original model was powered by a 16-cylinder engine with 64 valves and four turbochargers, producing a total of 987 horsepower. This amount of power was enough to sprint the car from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.6 seconds and up to a top speed of 253 mph.

In 2010 the company brought the SuperSport version. It was powered by the same 16-cylinder engine, but with larger turbochargers and intercoolers. These changes added an extra 199 ponies and 184 pound-feet of twist. As a result, the SuperSport version entered the Guinness Book of Record as the fastest street-legal production car in the world, with a top speed of 267.856 mph.

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