Believe it or not the Bugatti Veyron has been putting smiles on the faces of the ultra-rich since 2006. When VW’s exclusive brand started building the most expensive supercar around, it announced that it would make sure to limit the Veyron club’s members to 300.

Bugatti has already built 250 Veyrons, but that does not necessarily mean that its curtains for the original Veyron just yet. Bugatti made 73 cars in 2008 and 81 in 2007, so it could handle the final 50 cars this year, but it may not be that easy. The 150 unit run of the Gran Sport roadster is beginning in March. The coupe and open-top are produced along side of each other. If the demand for the Gran Sport is high (40 have already been spoken for), it will reduce the capacity for the coupe.

The moral of this story is hopefully your stock portfolio will rebound soon. There may still be a few more years for the coupe, but the end is near.


Source: Autotelegraaf

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