This much we know; a Frankfurt Motor Show isn’t complete without an appearance of sort from one of the kings of super cars, Bugatti. Thankfully, the boys from Molsheim didn’t disappoint us after they showed up and displayed the super-duper rare Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Sang Bleu special edition to commemorate the brand’s 100th anniversary.

Bugatti has had a history of producing one-off special editions of their celebrated super car, the Veyron and the Sang Bleu is the latest example of that. And just like all other special-edition Veyrons out in the world, the Sang Bleu has been locked and loaded with one of the most powerful performance engines in the world. The car has been outfitted with a quad-turbocharged W16 engine with a maximum output of 1001 horsepower and 1250 Nm of torque, In terms of sheer speed, the Sang Bleu can run up the speedometer to as much an absolutely inhuman 407 kilometers per hour.

As far as the car’s astonishingly sexy exterior is concerned, the car comes with a shimmering royal blue and chrome silver paint job with matching two-tone white and royal blue wheels, which make the Sang Bleu stand out even more than other Veyrons out there in the streets.

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Speaking of standing out, the Veyron Sang Bleu is so limited that only one was ever built. The one you’re seeing at Frankfurt is the only one of its kind on the planet, and unfortunately for those who’re reaching for their wallets already, the car has already been sold for a staggering $2.7 million.

You read that, right - $2.7 million. Go ahead; you can put your wallets down now.

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AK47  (1024) posted on 09.21.2009

I never said the two weren’t competitors. However the only thing they have is straight line speed in common if you go into details. Do you think the CCXR has a hope of catching a Veyron on a track? I’ll guarantee you that it won’t. Using your Z06 theory, wouldn’t that mean that the CCXR is inferior to the Veyron?

Saying that the W16 in the Veyron has four turbos doesn’t mean it is tecnologically inferior to the CCXRs engine. With a single Garrett ball bearing turbocharger, you can get 1200hp, won’t that make it superior to the CCXR using two superchargers?

Everything about a Veyron says exclusivity, it defined the record books in a way that only the Mclaren F1 did when it came out.

Uncia  (868) posted on 09.20.2009

Well stated.

Naterade22  (238) posted on 09.20.2009

I would rather have a GT-R than a Veyron too. As well as the Koenigsegg. I have a lot more respect for a car that can pack in a smaller engine than a V12 and V10 and still compete with them. I think that is designing a smart car.

Uncia  (868) posted on 09.20.2009

That’s like saying that a Supra and a R34 Skyline don’t compete because one’s an AWD and one’s RWD. The Veyron and the CCXR are the two fastest cars in the world today, and that alone should be enough to call them competitors.

I’d take a GT-R over a Veyron also. I, for one, would look down on a Veyron if one drove up, however, because anybody who buys a Veyron over a F1, 599, SLR or CCXR has more money than common sense.

AK47  (1024) posted on 09.19.2009

For what its worth, I’ll take a GT-R over the Veyron. It carries more tech and is a better all round car but that doesn’t mean I will look down at a Veyron if one draws near me.

AK47  (1024) posted on 09.19.2009

In regards to power, a six cylinder can make more than a 1000hp with twin turbos, would that make it better than the Keonigsegg V8?

The Keonigsegg is a niche manufacturer vehicle. It doesn’t have a dual clutch transmission or a newly developed W16 engine with quad turbos. One could regard the Keonigsegg as an unworthy competitor to a Veyron because the former uses superchargers. A big block V8 should by rule make enough low end torque and only need boosting for higher revs. Using a supercharger dictates that the manufacturer doesn’t have the expertise to come up with a turbo setup with little lag or the budget for something as complex as a turbo setup, which would explain the lower price.

Also the Keonigsegg doesn’t have AWD. Most small time "super car" manufacturers use engines, rear wheel drive setups and gearboxes from other cars and often use same platform, which at the end of the day is really not that different from a tuned car.

The Bugatti also features multi adjustble suspension, a mid engine layout and all that leads to a pretty high cost. Even Volkswagon admitted that they won’t be making much money from the Veyron, the money they make was more than what they used for developing this car and given their exclusivity, they won’t make any money for a couple of years.

Uncia  (868) posted on 09.19.2009

It isn’t impressive no matter what, because the Veyron’s two-ton weight is simply a matter of VW being unable to engineer a decent sportscar, not its huge horsepower. The Koenigsegg CCXR is even more powerful but has an engine of half the size and half the cylinders of the Veyron’s, and needs only two superchargers to make its power while the Veyron needs four turbos. In addition, the Koenigsegg provides all of the luxury and safety features of the Bugatti but weighs nearly 1,000 pounds less and costs 1/2 as much.

AK47  (1024) posted on 09.19.2009

Yeah but neither the Supra or the R34 OR the ZR1 for that matter weigh two tons. When you reach the 1000hp mark, unless you are talking about extreme modification, a car with that much power is hardly meant for track work. Straight lines are better suited. Time attack cars for that matter are stripped out and made as light as possible for. They make about 750whp while weighing at 1250kg or less. Excess weight would mean more understeer while approaching fast corners with more body roll meaning lower times. And lets face, Volkswagons’ AWD systems aren’t worth bragging about. I say impressive considering it makes 1001hp, weighs two tons and is made by Volkswagon.

The only other car that weighs a lot and has track destroying potential is the GT-R and that car isn’t normal.

Uncia  (868) posted on 09.19.2009

7.40 is impressive for a sports car in general, but for a vehicle with 1,001 horsepower it’s just plain disgraceful when you realize that a totally stock twin-turbo Supra and V-spec Skyline R34 with 1/3 of the Veyron’s horsepower ran 7.39 and 7.41, respectively.

AK47  (1024) posted on 09.19.2009

The Z06 ran a 7.42 around the Nurburgring while the Veyron ran a 7.40. Considering the slalom disadvantage, that makes the Veyrons lap time even more impressive.

Uncia  (868) posted on 09.17.2009

I’d take a CCXR or a McLaren F1 over a Veyron any day.

Uncia  (868) posted on 09.17.2009

It may be fast in a straight line, but the Veyron doesn’t corner too well - the slippery Z06 for heaven’s sake ran Road and Track’s slalom 2mph faster.

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