made a very strange test: Veyron vs. M3. A 1001 hp car vs a 420 hp one. Knowing this you will say that the Veyron will win the test for sure. And you are right. But it made a very slow start. After two seconds of test it seems that the M3 will be the winner, but the Veyron gets faster and wins the sprint.

The test was made on the 2007 Droomrit (Dream Ride), a charity event for sick children.


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hellphire1000  (41) posted on 09.26.2007

still the BMW eat the veryons smoke

badestofthebad  (608) posted on 09.26.2007

bull the person drivin that veyron didn’t kno wat the hell he was doin trust me i kno the timings for it there is no way in hell that a m3 wud be able to keep up with it, that guy was a ass

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