The last Bugatti?

The saga continues, VW owner of Bugatti will be watching the design and price tags of the promised new Bugatti car to make sure that it does not tread on any of the groups toes.

Bugatti will be making another new car.

Despite all the talk about take overs and share buy outs, in order to stop the historical motor car company Bugatti from designing and building a brand new super car, it looks as if that is all it was, just talk and speculation.

The company have confirmed that they will be producing a new car based on the Bugatti Veyron a car that had proved to be very popular. There are many problems still ahead for Bugatti though, the parent company VW are in a very shaky position as what to do with a car maker like Bugatti whose cars tend to be a the upper end of the price range, which therefore makes it harder to sell and then even harder to make some profit out of them, but if Bugatti drop down in price they will find themselves competing with the likes of Lamborghini and even Bentley who are also owned by VW, then if Bugatti drop done even lower, though it would be hard to see a Bugatti in the mid price range, they would then be competing with Porsche, as I mentioned last week Porsche has been buying shares in VW, this is to prevent the likes of Bugatti from entering their territory.

It will be interesting to how this plays out, will Bugatti survive the long term?

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