We have to admit that a $1.4 million car is not something everyone can afford. But what if you biggest dream is to park a Bugatti in your garage? When you will be happy to know that Bugatti is working on a second model that will be cheaper than the Veyron. Not very cheap, but cheaper; just $1 million.

Franz-Josef Paefgen said: "We will continue the brand and there will be new products. A few decisions have been made already, and there will be no smaller Bugatti. If a second car comes to market, it will be in the same market segment as the current (1000-horsepower) car."

The new model will be another limited edition model like it’s big brother: "It will be extremely exclusive, with lifetime volumes in the hundreds, not thousands."

Source: The Car Connection

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Poyser  (10) posted on 10.15.2007

Yeah, great idea but maybe even cheaper? $1.4mil or $1mil, thats only the price range for the filthy rich! I say try drop it to something like, $600,000 or something. I guess thats too cheap for a Bugatti! Maybe they’re only for the rich.

(And that shadow is weird isn’t it. . .)


steves  (103) posted on 10.11.2007

A year ago they were boasting about upping their annual production numbers, to reduce waiting times and now this

steves  (132) posted on 10.11.2007

The shadow on that picture is awefuly weird

steves  (3) posted on 10.11.2007

Sweet but almost a fake..Im sure they will pick of many new fans but how will this affect the market of the filthy rich?? Bugatti is somethin else!

badestofthebad  (608) posted on 09.26.2007

Bugatti is doin big things

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