• Bugged- Not one, but two Beetles planned by VW

Bugged- Not one, but two Beetles planned by VW
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For those who visited the Chicago show back in 2005, the Ragster Concept would have given you some idea on what was being planned, but then VW remained tight-lipped about the developments. News last month suggested the upcoming bug arriving sometime in 2011 will see a version with its top removed and even a small-sized SUV will feature in the list. VW will get there by using the 6th generation Golf platform to make the hatch and it would not be built stateside.

But now, Motor Trend reports that VW is considering anotherBeetle based on the VW Up!. The Up! debuted at the 2007 Frankfurt show and received a lot of positive response, especially from the American audience. So, VW might have decided to make use of it as a base to serve America exclusively with this iconic and hip car.

Bugged- Not one, but two Beetles planned by VW
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If the car is going to be based on the Up!, then it makes it a rear-engined, rear wheel-drive layout bringing it ever so close to the original version. The renderings are neat and the car should in all probability look like them.

What does all this mean. Simple-another sub-brand for VW. With the amount of waves the Beetle has created in America, launching these two vehicles under a brand new banner makes a whole lot of sense.


Source: Motor Trend

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i hope to see them sooner smiley

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