Can a hot-hatch become a supercar?

It’s rare to see YouTube channels that embody all virtues of quality content. Mighty Car Mods has been around since 2007 and while it started slow, it has now grown into one of the most entertaining and educational channels for automotive content. The two friends do not discriminate, when it comes to the type of cars and basically anything goes. Now, they are answering a question to which everyone wants the answer, but few needed to ask. How to build the ultimate hyper-hatchback?

Building the Ultimate Hyper-Hatch Is No Easy Task
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Although every car has hidden potential, squeezing hyper-levels of performance is no easy task. With this in mind, it’s better to start with something that’s already quite fast. Marty and Moog have chosen to give an example with the Audi RS3. In a humorous way, they cleared a common misconception that the RS3 is basically a Golf R. It’s not. They are using a similar platform, but the all-wheel-drive systems are different - VW uses 4Motion, Audi has the Quattro. More importantly, the RS3 uses a glorious 2.5-liter turbocharged inline-five, as opposed to the Golf R’s 2.0-liter turbo-four.

Building the Ultimate Hyper-Hatch Is No Easy Task
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The extra displacement makes getting extra power easier, as well as improving response.

As pointed in the video, if you’re getting more power, you need to make sure you can put it to the ground. This is why the first mod they do is tires. A set of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 rubber, designed for cars like the 911 GT3, Ferrari 458, and others. Essentially, a street-legal track-oriented tire. These will be wrapped around a set of lightweight Revo RFO wheels, for reduced unsprung weight.

In the video, it is pointed out that most people will do tires and an ECU tune and call it a day. This being Mighty Car Mods, things are progressing further than that. In addition to the above-mentioned enhancements, the RS3 will also get a bigger intercooler, new exhaust, sportier suspension, and better brakes. The different tasks are efficiently split between the guys so that they can turn the RS3 into a monster in just 24 hours. While they are at it, they explain in detail how and why these improvements are necessary not just for performance, but also reliability, giving you an unobscured look at the process of modifying a car.

Building the Ultimate Hyper-Hatch Is No Easy Task
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The project is split into three different videos, but the end results are astonishing. Out the box, the car makes around 400 horsepower at the crankshaft. After all mods, it now makes around 400…at the wheels, which translates to about 500 crankshaft horsepower. To put things in perspective, a stock RS3 does the 0 to 60 mph (97 km/) sprint in 3.9 seconds, which means we can expect the new time to be in the neighborhood of 3.4 seconds or less.

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