Bulgarians engage in deadly ’Russian road roullete’

Bulgarians engage in deadly 'Russian road roullete'
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We know that Eastern Europe is one of the world’s biggest underground gambling hotspots so you can expect that those kooky folks over there to make the silliest and weirdest of wagers.

It turns out that in Bulgaria, they’ll bet over anything – even at the cost of their lives.

Recently, a group of whack jobs decided to play a betting game that involves running intersections on a red light to see if they can hit a car or an innocent bystander. We’re not making this up. It’s straight out of Grand Theft Auto, only this time, successful drivers can be rewarded by as much as $7,000.

The game has come to be known as ‘Russian road roullete’ and an increasing number of Bulgarians have been participating in this deadly game. Authorities have begun to launch an investigation as to who runs this game, especially since a growing number of incidents have been reported since the game took off during the summer.

Among those that have been caught in the crosshairs of this game, include two people that met untimely deaths after being hit by motorcycles in two separate incidents.

So let this be a warning if you somehow find yourself in Bulgaria in the future; just crossing the street in that country has become a life or death experience.


Source: Reuters

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