The first spy shots of the rumored Bullitt version of the Mustang have been posted and the appearance seems to confirm earlier rumors that the car would be consistent with the theme set by the original 390 Mustang GT of movie fame: no spoiler, no scoops, regular hood, with no badge in the grill or on the fenders, but with engine upgrades to 213 hp and lower restriction cat-back exhaust.
What is clearly a Bullitt – the color gives it away – was recently spotted in the company of another Mustang, one that doesn’t seem to be a Bullitt. The red one has a spoiler prominently featured in back, but no emblem on the grill. Perhaps it’s merely a powertrain mule, but it doesn’t appear to be a Bullitt version. 
So, maybe there’s another special Mustang in Ford’s future.

Source: Stangnet

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