Late last week, matching rumors surfaced – both of them centering on a certain movie and a certain Mustang fastback.
Brad Pitt reportedly will star in a remake of the movie Bullitt. The original stared Steve McQueen and a 1967 Mustang 390 2 plus 2 fastback. It featured a fourteen minute chase scene – the Mustang after a 1968 Dodge Charger with a 426 Hemi – through the streets of San Francisco, a chase scene which has ever since set the standard by which all others are judged. 
And there will be a car remake, too.
It appears that 2008 will bring a new version of the Bullitt Mustang inspired by the movie car and last produced on the previous body style and chassis in 2001. According to, the new Bullitt will get an enhanced version of the usual Mustang GT V-8, but with a Ford Racing Power Pack added to produce 312 hp., however, reports that the Bullitt engine will put out 400 hp, featuring dual overhead camshafts.
According to, Ford has more in mind for the Bullitt this time than merely an appearance package and a mild power increase. Rather, it intends to create a car positioned between the GT and the GT500 which emphasizes road course handling. To that end, they claim the car will come with a handling package developed with input from Ford Racing.
Even if the car is not that wild, it is expected to use different shocks and struts than the GT to stiffen the suspension, as well as a strut tower brake to reduce chassis flex during hard cornering.
The Bullitt Mustang will, of course, preserve the theme set by the original 1967 Mustang fastback driven by the Steve McQueen character in the movie “Bullitt.” That means a dark green exterior color, fastback roofline, and distinctive 5 spoke wheels like those on the movie car. 
Next year will mark the 40th anniversary of the movie.

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