We were informed last week of the unfortunate demise of a McLaren F1 that inexplicably burst into flames on Airport Boulevard in Santa Rosa, California after its driver reportedly took it out for a spin after leaving it in storage for the past six months.

The owner of the car, who spent a staggering $2 million, escaped without any physical injuries but it remains to be seen how he’s doing emotionally after such a traumatic experience.

Fortunately for him, his prized vehicle was insured for $3 million dollars – a cool million more than what he had to pay for it – so you could definitely say that he may not be all that upset about losing his car.

In addition to that, the burned down McLaren is now on its way to England, back to its factory where engineers will figure out if there’s anything salvageable with the supercar. For the sake of the owner, let’s just hope that the McLaren F1’s chassis remains intact.

Either way, it’s still a sickening feeling to see one of rarest cars in the world – only 100 has ever been made – meet its maker far too soon.


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  (12) posted on 06.16.2009


Insurance for high-end cars works differently. Common insurance companies don’t even cover Ferraris. Special companies, such as Grundy Worldwide, cover cars based on an agreed value, so if he says the car is worth 3 mil, then he pays the rate for 3 mil. It’s 1.5 more than the rate for 2 mil, but if anything happens, he gets the entire 3 mil, even if he got the car for free.

  (3) posted on 06.16.2009

Just because the car is worth 3million bucks that doesn’t mean that he will get that. If he bought the car for 2 million then that’s the most his insurers will pay. As for all insurance companies the most they will pay is what the customer bought the car for. The will not put somebody into a better financial position than they were before the incident. I should know I work for one of the biggest insurance companies in the UK.

  (314) posted on 06.16.2009

I think this incident gives a wrong impression about the McLaren F1, as there can be plenty of speculations that may circulate regarding this issue

  (314) posted on 06.15.2009

I guess, even supercars are not free from safety testing and regulations that will ensure its stability and quality

  (421) posted on 06.15.2009

It only means one thing. There are onw only 99 rare McLaren F1 still kpet in some rich man’s garage. Lucky for this guy, he got an extra 1M for riding a fire bursting supercar!

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