Everyone should remember playing cops and robbers as children. Thanks to the dedicated game developers of Burnout Paradise you can now play with some pretty cool cop cars designed on familiar models from around the world. It’s the next best thing to a Porsche 911 or a Lamborghini police car.


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  (182) posted on 04.22.2009

I think that the concept behind this game is so old already. There’s not much spice in it. Aside from the fact that you get to crash a Lamborghini that you would never ever do in real life.

  (183) posted on 04.22.2009

If police officers had cars as great and as fast as like that, then the street would be such a boring place.

  (314) posted on 04.22.2009

Getting burnout this way is definitely exiting and exhilarating. I want to try it to know if the graphics are really good.

  (318) posted on 04.22.2009

Is it true that you can play this online? That would be amazing to get a chase and get chased anywhere in the world

  (289) posted on 04.21.2009

I can’t wait to have this in my PSP. I might end up crashing my Lamborghini police car.

  (421) posted on 04.21.2009

This is cool.But you have to get your license first before you get the coolest police cars.

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