Yesterday we posted a behind the scenes look at Burnout’s Cops and Robbers development. Today, Criterion Games, the makers of Burnout Paradise have just released their latest iteration of the classic pastime of playing Cops and Robbers with their multiplayer upgrade of virtual cop cars from around the world. Burnout Paradise won Spike TV’s Racing Game of the Year in 2008 which further emphasizes the games entertainment value.


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  (182) posted on 04.23.2009

Sometimes I’m thankful that the government do not invest in police cars.

  (183) posted on 04.23.2009

I’m not a fan of computer games but I’d like to try this out. It looks fun!

  (137) posted on 04.23.2009

In not much into car racing games because I am more into the real thing. But as I checkout this clip all I could say is that this is genius and deserves the award. Its cool

  (314) posted on 04.23.2009

Way to go, I mean way you go. I hope to get it in my PSP and have multiplayer online. This burnout Paradise is one hell of a race, off the track!

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