Soon you’ll be able to crash and wreak havoc in the city wherever you’re at

We might be obsessed with games like Forza Horizon 4, Forza Motorsport, Gran Turismo, and Need for Speed, but one of the greatest games for last-gen consoles was Burnout Paradise. The point of the game was simple, explore the city, find collectibles, and create as much destruction as you can by crashing cars. It was a downright blast and, while it was remastered and launched on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, Nintendo was left out to pasture. Until now, that is.

When is Burnout Paradise Coming to the Nintendo Switch?

After you enjoy the trailer above and enjoy the fresh reminder of what Burnout Paradise is all about, we have to break you off with a small chunk of bad news – there’s no definitive release date for the Switch just yet.

Nintendo says it’s coming in 2020, but that’s as close as we come to a release date right now.

Porting over to Nintendo isn’t always easy, as we’ve learned from other publishers, and this will actually be the first time that Burnout has ever made it onto a Nintendo console. Over the last decade, Nintendo’s only home console, the Wii, just didn’t have the power to run such a graphically intense game, so Nintendo owners were left in the cold.

The remastered back in 2017 that landed on other consoles and PC was a bit too much for the Wii U as well, thanks to high-definition graphics and, honestly, the lack of Wii U sales. That last bit is a discussion for another time, but the Nintendo Switch fixed everything that was wrong with the Nintendo brand, and it’s more than capable of handling Burnout, so we’re about to be blessed with a little bit of extra car-crashing goodness that we can take almost anywhere.

Burnout Paradise Is Coming to the Nintendo Switch
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Onto the tech bits about the game, it was remastered by Stellar Entertainment. Outside of the visual enhancements, Stellar took it up a notch for the Switch by adding a city map that you can interact with via the Switch’s touchscreen display. They also claim that it will run at a full 60 FPS, so it should be on par with gameplay from other consoles. When it launches with for the Switch, it will include old DLC packs, including the Big Surf Island expansions, motorcycles, day and night cycles, and some extra cars. Pricing has already been set at $49.99, though, so you’ll be paying full price for a game that’s already been out on other consoles for a few years now.

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