• Burt Reynolds’ 1977 Pontiac Trans Am Sells for $480k

Burt Reynold’s movie Smokey and the Bandit has been a cult classic among petrol heads and truck drivers since the day it appeared on the silver screen back in 1977. The Bandit’s black Pontiac Trans Am quickly became an icon, only growing in popularity over the years. That’s never been more evident than now thanks to the sizable price paid for Reynolds’ personal Pontiac.

An auction over the weekend at Julien’s Auction House in Las Vegas saw Reynolds’ unrestored 1977 Pontiac Trans Am sell for $489,000 — far greater than the original $80,000 expected selling price. The car’s original condition includes a slightly faded paint job, a dirty (yet fully functional) 6.6-liter V-8, and a well-lived-in interior.

Though the car was never used in filming, it was a “promotional” vehicle used during that time and later given to Reynolds after filming was completed. It comes complete with a gold placard in the door jam saying, “1977 Pontiac Trans Am Owned by Burt Reynolds.”

The car wasn’t the only item of Reynolds’ sold. In fact, the entire auction consisted of his more public personal effects. His jacket from “Stroker Ace” was expected to sell for $600 ended up going for $9,375; the canoe he piloted in “Deliverance” went for $17,500; and the helmet he wore in “The Longest Yard” sold for an amazing $20,000.

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Why it matters

It’s a great day when movie cars are seen publicly after years of obscurity. It’s even better when their values are inflated to far above normal levels. The fact that the Trans Am sold for nearly half a million dollars is a testament to the success of “Smokey and the Bandit” as a movie franchise. We just hope the car’s new owner will take great care of it car and restore it to its former glory while not taking away from the car’s historical value.

Source: Autos Yahoo

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