Normally, people that have the good fortune of owning a supercar – say an Audi R8 V10 – would treasure their cars, maybe even coming short of worshiping them. But every so often, we come across people that are seem to have no problem letting go of their six-figure vehicle, even if it comes as a result of a strange dream.

Take this guy for example. According to reports, an unnamed businessman gave away his Audi R8 V10 to a pair of valet attendants he had never met before. Before you start questioning the man’s sanity for his rather sudden rush of generosity, the businessman said that he gave away his supercar for next to nothing because he had a dream instructing him to do so.

Ok, maybe now you can start calling him loony.

The man said that according to his dream, he was to take the R8 to Table Mountain in South Africa and while the dream didn’t explicitly tell him to give away his R8, he figured that it was exactly what he was supposed to do.

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As for the two recipients of the R8, Fabrice Manganga Mugala and Desire Shima, the businessman gave them the R8 with the provision that they were to use it to help others unconditionally. So to return the favor, both Mugala and Shima are now using the R8 to deliver food to homeless people with the two even cutting a slit into the hood of the R8 where generous strangers could give donations and/or write messages on them.

There’s no telling how far this act of ‘paying it forward’ will lead to, but the mere fact that someone would give away an Audi R8 V10 means that he’s either gone off the deep end or he really, truly, and sincerely believes in the act of random kindness.

Source: Independent Online

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  (570) posted on 01.31.2010

Well, the most common behavior that I often observe with those people who have lots of cars or changes cars easily is that they tend to look at other cars and disregard what they have when a new version comes out. So they either sell it or stock it on their garage. I guess that for this businessman, he ran out of space in the garage or he just have too much money to be selling it.

  (798) posted on 01.26.2010

well i wish i was the Valet Attendant, those two Africans are lucky, IMO they should sell the car and give some part of the money to the charity.

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