There are advantages to taking a Ferrari on a long trip. For one, it’s easier to pack. That’s because the luggage is designed for the car.
In 1977, the Italian luggage maker Schedoni became Ferrari’s official luggage supplier. Since then, the company has manufactured custom fit luggage for every Ferrari road car, a total of 12,000 sets of luggage custom designed to fit a specific Ferrari model. (It also used to make the seat coverings for the company’s Formula One cars.) It has also made 52,000 Ferrari briefcases, which are available through Ferrari dealers.
The relationship with Ferrari came about somewhat by chance. In 1976, Mauro Schedoni’s brother in law, who owned a Ferrari 308, asked Schedoni to make a set of luggage custom fitted to the luggage compartment of the car. The brother in law showed the result to Ferrari’s sales manager, a man who had grown accustomed to customer’s complaints about the luggage capacity of a Ferrari. Ferrari then contracted Schedoni to make luggage for the 308, and the relationship has continued ever since.
So, if you are in the market for a used Ferrari, be sure to get that luggage from the former owner. It won’t fit any other car, anyway.

Source: Born Rich

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