Byton’s New Touchscreen Display Might be Bigger Than Your Bedroom TV

Chinese automotive startup Byton is looking to make waves at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show. As if boasting a seven-inch touchscreen embedded into the steering wheel and an eight-inch touchpad between the front seats aren’t enough, Byton’s also rolling out a 48-inch display that’s equivalent to more than seven iPads put side-by-side. If the massive display — it’s called the “Shared Experience Display “ — ends up on the production version of the M-Byte SUV, it would become the largest screen in the auto industry, making Tesla’s own 17-inch screen look like a pocket display by comparison.

“Shared Experience Display,” or “SED,” is a fitting name for this massive display unit. It’s hard to imagine one person being able to navigate the touchscreen display by himself. Actually, it’s near impossible to do it considering the real estate space it occupies on the dashboard. It’s a bit distracting, too, don’t you think? Having a display that covers so much space is going to get the driver’s attention, whether he wants to or not. Fortunately, Byton says that the display doesn’t interfere with the driver’s line of sight. More importantly, the Chinese automaker also said that the SED complies with all crash and safety standards in all the markets where it plans to sell the production version of the M-Byte SUV.

Let’s go back to that part about the display not interfering with the driver’s sight.

If you compare the size of the touchscreen unit in the production version of the M-Byte to the one Byton showcased in the concept version at last year’s CES, you’ll notice that the production touchscreen isn’t as tall as the concept version.

It also doesn’t have that sharp angle on the sides that we saw in the concept version last year. It’s possible that Byton adjusted the dimensions of the touchscreen for the purpose of passing safety regulations. On the functional side, the screen’s functions are still unclear beyond what we normally see from touchscreen displays. Judging from renderings of the production M-Byte, it seems that the screen itself can be divided into different sections for specific purposes. The section that sits in front of the driver could serve as the instrument cluster display while the section in the middle could be used for navigation. Meanwhile, the section in front of the front passenger could be where the social interaction takes place. It’s also possible that these sections could be adjusted depending on the needs of the driver and/or the front passenger.

Bytons New Touchscreen Will Put Tesla to Shame in More Ways Than One
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I can’t say this for certain, though, because, in addition to the massive 48-inch display, the production M-Byte also comes with a smaller tablet that’s embedded into the steering wheel. Byton calls this the “Driver Tablet,” and, according to the company, it allows access to a number of in-car components, including the radio and the overall settings of the displays.

If it looks like the automaker has gone display-happy with the M-Byte, it’s because it did. Believe it or not, but the road-going electric SUV also gains an eight-inch touchpad that’s mounted between the front seats.

The function of the touchpad is clear. It allows both the driver and passenger to play around with the SED and all the features it comes with. The issue is the location.

Granted, we’re only working with one rendering of the production M-Byte’s interior, but if that touchpad is that thing that sits in front of the 48-inch display, it’s going to be difficult for other people to reach it if they want to use the SED. A far more practical place would be the center tunnel, which, unfortunately, the M-Byte doesn’t have. Byron could have added smaller touchpads on the doors, too, because, let’s face it if you’re a passenger and you’re right-handed like most people are, navigating a touchpad with your left hand isn’t the easiest thing to do.

Bytons New Touchscreen Will Put Tesla to Shame in More Ways Than One
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Maybe Byton has more surprises in store for us when the production M-Byte debuts at the Consumer Electronics Show later this week. The Chinese automaker took the show by storm last year with the concept version. Now, it’s returning to the scene of that triumph with a production model that looks like it’s ready to steal the show once again.

Beyond the spectacle of the 48-inch touchscreen, it’s important to remember that the Byton M-Byte’s main call-to-fame is its electric setup.

The full details surrounding the M-Byte’s performance capabilities will be revealed at CES, but from what we’ve gathered, Byton has plans to offer two versions of the electric SUV: a 71-kWh, 250-mile based model and a more expensive 95-kWh version with a range of 325 miles. Whatever versions make the cut, Byton’s plan is to initially sell the M-Byte in China before offering the SUV in the North American and European markets in 2020.

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