The rumor mill about the next generation Corvette fueled by the details disclosed with the signing of the new GM/UAW contract keep spilling out. Following disclosure that the C7 is a 2012 model with a dual clutch transmission comes an indication that it may be all wheel drive.
That speculation comes from Here’s the reasoning, which is interesting: GM and Haldex, a Swedish company have a “performance AWD system” already, called XWD. It is available on the Saab 9-3, uses an electronic differential able to send as much as 85% of vehicle torque to one wheel in any vehicle dynamic, such as cornering.
Now, here’s the kicker – according to the blog, there are reports that GM engineers have been testing a prototype with this system at a GM test track in the States and that the prototype has a very wide rear track. It is believed to be a test mule for the C7.
As the facts start to come out, hard data is beginning to support the possibility of a mid-engine C7. Sure, that’s exactly the type of rumor that has preceded every other all-new Corvette since the C3. But, this time might just be the time.
At least the facts disclosed to date are consistent with that possibility.

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  (372) posted on 10.4.2007

I hope this is either GM working on a model just below or just above the Corvette, like Ford did with the GT. Othewrwise the cost of this machine will ruin one of Corvette’s best assets. Value for money.

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