General Motors has announced that they will put diesel engines in Cadillac and Saturn USA models by 2010. Also they have confirmed that the company will use the fuel-saving diesel engine on U.S. passenger cars, crossovers and light-duty trucks.

A diesel engine will be unveiled in September at the Frankfurt auto show in September on an Opel e-flex. In GM’s e-flex powertrain, a traditional engine such as a diesel or gasoline engine, recharges a battery pack that provides power for an electric motor.

The same engine will be presented at the Detroit Auto Show in January on the Saturn Aura model. GM showed off the e-flex system on the Chevrolet Volt concept car at the Detroit auto show this year.

"It’ll end up in a Cadillac, and there will be a front-wheel-drive version of the engine in 2009 or 2010 calendar year," says a source familiar with the program. "It’s an Epsilon (mid-sized car) based product."

The source said the diesel will go in the Vectra in 2008 and will come to the United States as a Saturn for the next generation Aura if all goes as planned.

Source: Automotive News

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tango  (372) posted on 07.14.2007

We all know that I’m a diesel fan, but let’s put this into perspective. I don’t believe this diesel hybrid thing is going to work out. Both diesel and electric technologies add cost to the standard model with a gas engine. A diesel hybrid would add so much cost the average owner would likely not be able to recoup the loss.

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