Cadillac stunned us at the Detroit Auto Show with the Converj, and apparently we we not the only ones. A source inside General Motors told Motor Trend the buzz from the car has caused GM to green light the hybrid car for production.

Although GM won’t officially confirm the car’s production, the target is to have the Converj on sale in 2011 as a 2012. That’s pretty ambitions considering Chevy is working overtime to reach the 2010 target date on the Volt, the car on which the Converj is based. While the Volt’s set up of the lithium-ion battery pack with 1.4-liter combustion engine backup will be a good starting point, it will take Cadillac a while to develop its own exterior and interior. Also Cadillac will likely modify the Voltec platform to accept more batteries, allowing for more speed and greater luxury (weight).

The Converj will be a step in the right direction for the fuel-efficient cars GM needs to show on its viability plan. This makes the Converj in charge of its own fate, because the only way the Converj can go into production is if the government approves the plan due on June 1.


Source: MotorTrend

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  (183) posted on 04.16.2009

more than competition, i hope this is also the start for motor companies to develop more hybrid cars to fight global warming. go hybrid cars!

  (231) posted on 04.16.2009

Although it was stated that like the Chevrolet Volt, the Converj will be able to travel up to 40 miles on electricity alone, and it will have a small helper motor to help drivers avoid "range anxiety." that’s according to GM. Well, this drop dead gorgeous will redefine the word luxury in electric cars.

  (182) posted on 04.16.2009

very impressive for cadillac. but for me, there’s not much competition when you’re dealing with chevy.

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