Now we here at top speed have a bit of a thing for the Cadillac CTS-V ever since we had the chance to get well acquainted with the supercharged four door sport sedan. Now when we first saw the CTS Coupe concept we couldn’t help but dream that one day General Motor’s luxury brand would incorporate all of the same high performance stuff you don’t see that makes the V Series car so great into the two door version. Well Cadillac made our dreams come true when they confirmed the future CTS-V Coupe and things are looking up even more because they have just announced when we will see the 556 HP M3 obliterator. There is no better venue to show off Detroit’s finest than at the North American International Auto Show, and that is exactly where the CTS-V Coupe will make its debut.


Source: Straightline

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  (1022) posted on 12.22.2009

The style of this car seems to be that good that is lower than every coupe car I know and also it looks like a muscle car on this view. Being confident to announce the what so called "556 HP M3 obliterator" is much waited on this show. I’m waiting for this and show us the power of this car.

  (10) posted on 12.8.2009

so many "people who has made it" buy bmw’s cos they know its the best package in the auto industry. if only caddilac was like that or any other american brand, those people who has made it would buy them too. you can’t force to let people buy what’s right for this country. people who has made it has the right to buy any car they want, not forced too.

  (68) posted on 11.23.2009

So true but everybody who has "made it" gets a BMW. Too many on the road. Besides we do not live in Germany. Cadillac have stepped their game up and will continue to do so. These are not just cars, these are JOBS for people who live in THIS country. Saw a CTS-V sedan yesterday and it was breathtaking.

  (10) posted on 11.20.2009

M3 obliterator? really? the only reason why its faster is because of its huge hp and torque advantage. what if the M3 had the same hp and torque? answer: it would beat this piece of crap by 10 miles!
besides, its not about straight line speed. compare both their slalom speed, braking and grip and see who gets destroyed. i thought so! ’nuff said! M3 still rules on the track! but Evo x rules overall! go evo x!

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