Wagons have gotten a bad rap recently, it’s almost like an automaker would rather call their utilitarian model a sport hatch before uttering that five letter word that reminds us of family road trips and faux wood paneling; it is almost worse than the truck/SUV controvery. Well the American essence of automotive luxury, Cadillac, has a few tricks up their sleeve that will hopefully help to change the nation’s attitude about practical transportation, with a high performance, V-Series twist.

Cadillac has announced that before putting the highly anticipated CTS Coupe into production next May that they will release the CTS-V sport wagon. Now they did manage to squeeze the word sport into the name, but with a 6.2 Liter LSA supercharged V8 under the hood generating an estimated 550 HP and 550 lb-ft of torque, General Motors has all the right in the world.

The all new Cadillac CTS-V sport wagon will compete head to head with world class performance touring models like the BMW M5 Touring and the turbocharged Audi RS6 Avant.


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