Cadillac keeps gunning for the Germans. This time Road and Track helped facilitate the 2009 Cadillac CTS-V’s “anytime, anywhere” challenge to the BMW M5. In the October 2008 issue, the magazine sets up a slugfest at Monticello Motor Club, 90 miles northwest of Manhattan. Each company gets to choose who drives these super sedans. BMW flies in its veteran racer Bill Auberlen, and General Motors chooses its Performance Vehicle Operations Director John Heinricy to pilot its rocket.

It’s a relatively good match up. The CTS-V has an over 50 horsepower advantage, but it also has a 150 lbs disadvantage. The new kid on the block also has the best advantage over the M5, about $28,000 less for the Caddy.

In the end the Cadillac’s best run was half a second quicker than the BMW. Victory for America! But BMW isn’t too disappointed, a new M5 is on the horizon…


Source: Road and Track

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