First was the CTS-V sedan. Now after the launch of the coupe version, we will also have a CTS-V coupe. So if the CTS Sport Wagon is successful, it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch for Cadillac to make a CTS-V wagon.

If built, the CTS-V station wagon will compete with models like Audi RS6 or Mercedes E63 AMG, but will be much more cheaper: considering the 2009 CTS-V sedan will start right at $60,000, the wagon version would still likely be about $25,000 less expensive than the E63 wagon.

The station wagon will have the same RWD configuration as the sedan, along with the 19-inch wheels carrying Michelin PS2s, and the revised front-end styling, which accommodates the tall supercharged motor and provides for better cooling than the standard car’s front clip. It would do the quarter-mile in the mid-12-second range and carry 121.9 cubic feet worth of cargo.

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Source: Inside Line

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