• Cadillac CTS Wagon Spied – Convertible Next?

Cadillac CTS Wagon Spied – Convertible Next?
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As recently as the Detroit Auto Show in February, a top Cadillac design official specifically denied that Cadillac was considering a wagon version of the CTS. With the next generation SRX on display at the show in concept car form – the Provoq – this executive flat-out said that Cadillac did not want to risk cutting into its sales with a CTS wagon.

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Seems that statement is inoperative. Exactly the vehicle this executive denied was being considered is, in fact, very much alive and driving, at least according to information posted at AutoBlog and spy shots captured by the famous team of Doane and Priddy.

The fact is that a poorly disguised CTS wagon is circulating, with only the back and very front of the vehicle hidden by shrouding.

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According to the reports, the car is code named the GMX 205 and is part of the plan at Cadillac to go head-to-head against BMW and Audi, a plan which means producing a wagon that competes with those of the German brands.

Sales are targeted at 10,000 to 12,000 per year, incuding export sales, with production at the same assembly plant that currently produces the sedan and will also produce the coupe.

There have been persistent rumors that there would also be a convertible version of the CTS. Indeed, at Detroit, we were told that the design team that had produced the CTS sedan and coupe had also done the sketches for a convertible, and really liked the idea. Unlike the denial of a wagon version of the CTS, none of the assembled executives denied that the convertible was, at least, an idea – though they did strive to give the impression that it was only that.

With the wagon now out and around, the expectation that there will eventually be a CTS convertible seems much more soundly based.

After seeing the CTS Coupe Concept, the convertible can only be expected to be utterly stunning.

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