Cadillac May Double its Lineup in the Coming Years

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Remember a time when most luxury brands only produced large, luxurious rear-wheel-drive sedans, coupes and SUVs carrying a price tag so huge that most people only dreamt of owning one? Well, that was the past...

Now days, to grab lost market share, most brands have doubled their lineup by announcing less-expensive crossovers and entry-level hatchbacks that aim to introduce the brand to many more customers. BMW, for instance, has updated its entry-level 1-series and are on the verge of doubling its lineup with new models that carry lower price tags. Mercedes-Benz has also started planning quite a few low-cost Models to tackle the competition. And, if reports are to be believed, Cadillac will be boarding that bandwagon soon enough.

As of now, Cadillac doesn’t have any super-luxurious halo model that could rival the big sedans from the Germans. So, expect a new flagship Cadillac in the future that can be perceived as a "pinnacle of American luxury.” Also, a new crossover is in the works, after witnessing the segment grow in popularity among customers looking for practicality in a sexy and sleek package.

Also in the cards is, surprisingly, a Bimmer 1-series rival. After being used to the long and powerful sedans that Cadillac used to make, a small, hatchback bearing the Caddy badge is somewhat weird – almost revives nightmares of the Cimarron and Catera. But, given the fact that the Germans have already plotted such a move, Caddy may also create such a rival to meet increasing demand.

With Cadillac expanding its lineup, it’s clear that its strategy to grab some shares is pretty aggressive and would help strengthening the brand’s image. Stay tuned for more info.


Source: Reuters

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  (548) posted on 04.19.2013

It will be nice if the Cadillac will be less expensive since it is very cool to own a Cadillac. I like the car in the picture because the color looks shiny and the convertible version is attractive.

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