Cadillac unveiled at Detroit Auto Show the 2008 CTS. But they won’t stop in here. There future plans is to expand the CTS line-up with coupe and wagon variants. Also a baby Cady is expected as a fighter of the Audi A3.

CTS Coupe

The Coupe version of the CTS it is expected to debut in 2010. It will feature a minor facelift comparing to the sedan. A convertible version might be an option too, and a Z06-powered CTS-v coupe could be an M3-killer.

CTS Wagon

The Station Wagon will be launched in 2009 with a fast, "shooting brake" roofline that makes it more a big hatchback than an over-equipped, updated Buick Sportwagen.

Baby Caddy

There are no info about when this model will debut, but if Cadillac want to have something to say on the European Market they have to move fast because there is an-all new Astra that will debut in 2009 and also the Saab 9-3 is on its way.

Source: MotorTrend

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