A stray rumor about the new Cadillac flagship model began developing a while ago, but now that bite-sized rumor has turned into a full-fledged forkful with some new details. According to Car And Driver, there are two different possibilities for this future flagship model. The first is a sports sedan code-named "UP" and designed to take on models like the Audi A8, the BMW 7-Series, and the Mercedes-Benz S-class. It will be priced at around $80k and will use a lightened version of the long-wheelbase RWD Zeta platform combined with either a turbocharged, direct-injected V-6 or a naturally aspirated V-8.

The second possibility, however, is the most exciting one. This option is a more expressive and more expensive model, which is kind of funny considering a body has not yet been decided for it. It could be anything from a mid-engine two-seat sports car to a large model, something the same size of a Maybach. Its exterior design will be inspired by the Cien concept, which leads us to believe Cadillac will probably opt for the two-seater sports car. Either way, the price for this model will be in the $150k area. Again, strange considering the body hasn’t been decided on yet.

Cadillac should have their minds made up on which car to go with by mid-year.


Source: Car and Driver

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  (570) posted on 04.5.2011

I don’t like the face of this car its kind of huge and flat. I really hate the RWD concept. And i don’t understand why it has a high pricetag.

  (387) posted on 03.14.2011

Well, that would be an interesting direction that Cadillac will be taking. It has been a while since they have come up with a really great sportscar, so this is something worth the wait.

  (380) posted on 01.10.2011

well i guess they choose the most comfortable and most expensive car they’ve build to be the flagship. and not on the competition.

  (347) posted on 01.10.2011

while the company has been kind enough to share a strange video teaser with the world, hard facts about what we can expect from the Zonda successor are few and far between.

  (274) posted on 01.10.2011

This kind of cars are very popular and nice to ride,It is a great experience when u travel using this cars it is comfortable to seatback and relax while driving,because of good quality and high standard that was highly made and used by well known people in the world. I guarantee you that it is the best cars that provides security and safetiness while driving.

  (321) posted on 01.10.2011

Huayra? Looks like the name of one of Mazda’s concept cars, or something that I’d yell as I’m karate chopping something.

  (444) posted on 01.9.2011

the current sigma platform is outdated so it is unlikely that would be used. They should use LSX power, probably a version of the 7.0 LS7 as a base and the LS9 as an upper model.

  (427) posted on 01.9.2011

I’d do a lot of naughty things to get my hands on a Sixteen... a lot of things... i’ve been dying for one since I saw it years ago on concept.

  (692) posted on 01.6.2011

the C8 could go mid-engine as a rule, there’s also a chance that any such architecture could be implemented to generate only a brand-topping spinoff relate evolved ZR1 while the rest of the lineup would bide front-engined.

  (777) posted on 01.6.2011

As to the latter, Cadillac remains enthralled with the design and layout of the Cien concept from early last decade; that fascination has likely stoked the sports-car fire.

Josh5000  (24) posted on 01.6.2011

No one is going to by that car. It will never go into production.

Josh5000  (89) posted on 01.6.2011

Way to expensive.... what is this, a house with pool? It should be priced around 50k!

Josh5000  (101) posted on 01.6.2011

No interior pictures? smiley

Josh5000  (111) posted on 01.6.2011

The front looks is definitely a winner, but the side and back views, they’re just ok, I guess this is the Cadillac line and they are just following it!

Josh5000  (45) posted on 01.6.2011

Yeah, but in the movie the owner said it has a V12 loool

Josh5000  (151) posted on 01.6.2011

I remember this from "The Island" movie... loved it then, loving it still.

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