Cadillac is going to build a new model that will compete direclty with the BMW 1-Series. “The BMW 1-Series has been extremely well accepted in the market place and shows what can be done when you do things right. “We are investigating the possibility of a new four-cylinder model. Nothing is signed off but we’re working."

The new model will boast a longitudinally mounted engine and rear-drive layout similar to the BMW. “We’re looking at the possibility of rear-wheel drive, but nothing is decided. This configuration provides the best possible basis for agility”

GM is not having a rear-drive platform so an all-new structure for a range of new models it is very posible. It is very posible that the Holden Torana TT36 concept, a car based on an unnamed rear-drive platform and similar in size the BMW 3-Series, to be the base for the new model.

Source: Autoweek

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