The luxury automaker is still debating what will make the final cut

Although Cadillac has rebounded impressively in the last few years, it’s still struggling to hit the sales numbers it needs to keep up with the competition. Thankfully, the make is still in the green, but even with a recent surge in demand from the Chinese market, it would seem as though Caddy is still debating which models will be offered in its future portfolio.

That’s the latest from the Detroit Bureau, which is reporting concerns among Cadillac insiders that the brand will need to delay certain models, while giving the axe to others.

We’re most concerned about the production variant of the Escala, Cadillac’s new ultra-slick concept that just debuted in Pebble Beach during the annual Monterey Car Week automotive event. Apparently, the handsome luxury four-door will be delayed getting out the door, or it might just get aborted outright.

That would be a shame, but it would make sense, given the competition. Caddy needs a big flagship, but whether or not its worth it to produce a 7-Series or S-Class fighter remains to be seen.

Further compounding the issue is the availability of a new boosted eight-cylinder for the full-size sedan, a powerplant that might not appear until as late as 2023 or 2024. That would place it in the midst of increasing mileage restrictions – not a happy place for a turbo V-8.

That said, Caddy still has a few tricks up its sleeve.

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Why It Matters

So – you need more MPG. What’s an automaker to do?

Rather than canceling plans for a turbo V-8, Caddy’s average mileage could get some help from a plug-in hybrid variant of the CT6 (even though its uncertain when such a vehicle would arrive).

Even better would be an all-electric vehicle. Such a thing is apparently in the works, but Cadillac boss Johan de Nysschen has confirmed that it won’t be debuting until “beyond 2020,” according the Detroit Bureau.

So what about crossovers and SUVs? Those body styles are still some of (if not the) most important segments in the U.S. market these days, and apparently, Cadillac is going to follow through on the XT5 with several additional models – up to three new ones, according to de Nysschen, such as a compact X1 fighter and larger three-row model. Hopefully, these new models will include high-MPG variants as well, using the same aluminum-intensive (read: lightweight) construction processes as GM’s trucks.

All in all, Caddy is gonna need to remain flexible to keep its momentum going.

Source: The Detroit Bureau - Johan de Nysschen

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