Cadillac will bring new small model in 2011. It will be available in both US and European markets: sold under the new CTS in USA and replacing the BLS in Europe.

The upcoming model will be available in two different body styles: sedan and coupe (or sedan and station wagon).

Built on the Zeta platform, it will be sportier than the current BLS and will have the same size as the Lexus IS.

Source: TheHollywoodExtra

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  (372) posted on 10.6.2007

Catera was rear drive as well, actually. I meant the BLS. That’s a SAAB 9-5/Opel Vectra based sedan that’s sold in Europe only. A nice enough looking car I suppose, but it’s just not selling well.

  (20) posted on 10.5.2007

Yep tango, it being it RWD already makes it better than the Catera. Not that its hard to be better than that pile of garbage. I dont even care what it looks like.

  (372) posted on 10.5.2007

Ralph is not going to like this one bit! LOL. But with the Zeta platform (RWD) it’ll be a better statement than the front drive BLS. That’s a good sign.

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