The new 2008 Cadillac CTS will be available with a new all wheel drive system developed by BorgWarner. The core of the system is the BorgWarner InterActive Torque Management Transfer Case, used in conjunction with Borg Warner’s Vehicle Dynamics Control software.
Essentially, this is a computer controlled torque splitting system, which uses information developed from other sources, including the anti-lock braking system, the vehicle leveling system, and vehicle stability system to optimize the torque split to the driving conditions. The new BorgWarner system allows 100% of torque to be sent to the front wheels, when traction circumstances require it.
The closest analogy to it is the system Cadillac first introduced on the 1999 STS, which was called algorithmic shift control, because it used programming based on mathematic algorithms to hold the vehicle in gear in during, for example, hard cornering in much the way a driver would control a manual transmission. The CTS system, however, integrates information from many more sources in a much more advanced system.

BorgWarner is one of the world’s largest automotive component manufacturers, and is perhaps best known for transmissions. It manufactures the six speed transmissions used in both the Corvette and the Viper. They also make the transmission used on the Bugatti Veyron.

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