• California scored big time in the Top Ten of the worst roads

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Holes in the road are probably the ugliest nightmares a motorist could have. You can probably avoid an accident, you can avoid a road-kill, but what do you do when you go with 60mph and a large vast crater appears on the road? Do you dare to swerve at that speed? Or do you take your chances and go straight in it?

These are the facts with witch many states, including California are dealing with. A report made by TRIP, a national transportation research group established a ranked chart of the states road conditions. Researches show that qualifying for first place is San Jose, followed by Los Angeles, San Francisco, Kansas City, New Orleans(due to Katrina hurricane), San Diego, Sacramento, St Louis, Omaha and last but least New York City.

Research also showed that more than a quarter of the metropolitan American roads, highways, expressways, interstates are in really bad shape. “One-half to two-thirds of pavement is poor” as TRIP official declared.

So who are the people that “benefit” from the royal treatment of bumpy roads? Well… the motorists. It is obvious that a car that is regularly driven through out a road filled with holes, will deteriorate faster than a car which is driven on normal roads. Motorists from CA pay almost double ( $600) for increased car care, additional maintenance and fuel consumption.

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