The Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 is a fasntastic automaobile, and it is most certainly the pinnacle of American Automotive technology, however with a top speed of 205 MPH it still isnt head and shoulders above the competition. These days 250 MPH is the new 200, with the Bugatti Veyron standing out as the best known member. It didn’t used to be like this, back in 1988 when fuel injection was still a tricky science, the late John Lingenfelter, who also happens to be the man behind Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, went over to one of the most exclusive Corvette coachbuilders in the world, Callaway with the purpose of creating something special. The car would forever be known as the Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette due to its tremendous power and daily driven 254.76 MPH top speed.

Callaway dreams, can a modern day Corvette take down the almighty Bugatti Veyron?
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Although it may seem like an incredible feat, automotive journalist Michael Berenis feels that just like the Sledgehammer, with a little help from a pair of well sized hairdriers, that the $100,000 version of America’s favorite affordable sports car can trump the multi million dollar Veyron. Now the Bugatti has a top speed of 203 MPH, and that is with 1001 HP powwering all four wheels thanks to a quad turbo sixteen cylinder “w” engine. From the factory the ZR1 comes with a 6.2 Liter supercharged LS9 engine pumping out 638 HP, that is with half the pistons of a Bugatti and a lot less forced induction. We have seen what an LPE tuned ZR1 can do no the streets of Moscow, but even without the traffic it would have been hard to see the modified super Vette going far past the 200 MPH mark, although it was blazingly fast when it was near it.


Source: Examiner

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AK47  (1024) posted on 08.27.2009

That would make it a tuned car and that won’t count. While the ZR1 is a fine automobile, the Bugatti has a lot more going for it than straightline numbers. The ZR1 has a better power to weight than almost any sportscar including the Veyron. Note that the Veyron weighs near two tonnes with 1001hp while the ZR1 has a round weight of 1520kg with 638hp. Now, tecnically speaking, the fact that a two tonne car can reach 411kmph is impressive in itself, forget about the drag of .39 that will have an huge effect at higher speeds even if it does help stability. In fact the Veyron engineers extracted about 30more mhp than they aimed for.

While the cylinder count does show that the ZR1 has half them than the Veyron, the displacement is actually more than 3/4 of that of the W16. Note that the Mucielago has 670hp, about half the torque, weighs 1.8 tonnes and still tops out at 212mph. The ZR1 can manage 205mph, not bad for a 100k car but keeping performance only in mind, it does fall short.

The numbers might be a little off but one should get the idea. Now if the ZR1 had the same or a little more power to weight and better acceleration with a higher top end speed, that would be impressive.

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