Okay folks, two lessons that we can teach you in light of the above video. No. 1, T-Tops should be removed and metal panels welded in place if you plan to drag race your late-mullet-era Camaro. No. 2, if you choose to leave the T-Tops in place, do not attach a $200-plus GoPro camera to the T-Top, then go racin’; you’re just asking for trouble.

Well, apparently both of those concepts escaped the owner of this blue-highlighted-interior Camaro, prior to his trouncing by a Mustang in the quarter-mile. As this driver launched his Camaro toward the taillights of the Mustang, the T-Top let loose and flew about 30 feet — the video-creator’s estimation — in the air before crashing to the ground. The worst part was that the GoPro camera, which retails at a minimum of $200, was attached to the T-Top as it flew off.

The T-Top, of course, smashed into a million tempered-glass chunks. The GoPro camera, on the other hand, survived the crash and one of the track workers picked it up and jokingly addressed the camera.



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