When you’re out in the woods, the best way to go unnoticed is to put on some camouflage gear, right? That’s pretty much common sense. But the problem with camouflage is that once you’re out of the hills and trees, and back out in the open, then you start drawing attention to yourself. And trust us, it’s not the type of attention you’d want to have.

This Porsche Panamera that was designed by Alberto Lou Foilacar is exactly what we’re talking about. Now if this Panamera was roaming the jungles of the Amazon, then we wouldn’t be having a problem with it. But this one was found in the streets of Dubai, which, last time we checked, doesn’t have a place – unless you count the desert - that would have good use for camouflage of this type.

We don’t know what Mr. Foilacar - maybe his name ’Foil-a-car’ has something to do with it - was thinking when he decided to dress up this Panamera with camo gear but we do know that for a car of the Panamera’s stature, there’s absolutely nothing luxurious about this one.


Source: CrankandPiston

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  (612) posted on 11.7.2010

The camouflage theme is kinda good. It looks so pleasing and eye catching..if you want to grab attention... this one definitely fits to you..smiley

  (1333) posted on 11.4.2010

Impressive as always... military is one of the coolest and rarest paint pattern today. but IMO this type of patter is not suitable for the Panamera... Digital Acu would be better..

  (417) posted on 03.22.2010

Lovely custom paint job, maybe it’s owner is a military enthusiast.

  (780) posted on 01.14.2010

Nothing luxurious about this car, this is a Porsche Panamera so what do you think the price of a brand new Panamera? It’s all about the weird design but your eyes seems to like it coz’ you will never see a car that have a camouflage matte on the road.

  (1023) posted on 12.16.2009

Some people that lives in Dubai loves extraordinary design. I don’t see the point why they want to redesign their cars and as an owner of a Porsche that have good coating in terms of car painting. Maybe for a change or to be unique?

  (1333) posted on 12.3.2009

Yeah that’s right! There is nothing luxurious about the car. And the name of the creator, was it just a coincidence? A camouflage is better of with army vehicles, but with cars, I think it’s insane.

  (1023) posted on 12.3.2009

Maybe Mr. Foilacar is dedicating this custom paints to the military of simple he just wanted to make his car unique. I also wanted to repaint my car with Acupat or Multicam Pattern.

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