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Can a 500 Horsepower Genesis G70 Take On a 600 Horsepower R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R?

Watch and find out if this modified Genesis G70 3.3t has what it takes to take on one of the most legendary Japanese tuner cars ever made

Yes, it’s another drag race, courtesy of the YouTube channel “Hoonigan”. This one is a bit odd, as we have two cars, we never expected to see go head to head. On one side, we have a Genesis G70 3.3 twin-turbo that’s literally brand new. On the other side, we have a “barely stock” R33 Skyline GT-R. It’s all or nothing for the GT-R as its title for the best tuner car is on the line. The Genesis is down on power and heavier. Does that mean it’s going to be humiliated? Let’s find out.

Can a 500 Horsepower Genesis G70 Take On a 600 Horsepower R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R?
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The Genesis G70 is also brand new, with just 300 miles on the clock, so an unabused drivetrain might be the edge it needs

Charlie (@cashby31) brought out his brand new Genesis G70, with only around 300 miles on the clock. The mods list is quite basic and includes a piggyback tune, intakes, charge pipe injectors, and a bigger intercooler. The result is “at least 400 wheel power” according to Charlie. Given that it’s all-wheel-drive, we are looking at around 500 horsepower at the crankshaft. That’s 135 more than the stock car’s 365 horsepower figure.

Gary (@kinganytime) puts the GT-R’s pride on the line, on this one. He brought out a “barely stock” GT-R, with “only” the following upgrades: Garret GT 38-84 single turbo, Tomei cams, bottom end, CP pistons, new connecting rods, and a few more. It also has a rear-wheel-drive conversion, so it might struggle to put the power down.

Overall, the R33 makes around 500 horsepower to the wheels or 600 at the crankshaft.
Can a 500 Horsepower Genesis G70 Take On a 600 Horsepower R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R?
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The GT-R moniker possesses a mythic status, but will this be neough to take on a modern-day performance sedan?

The GT-R has about 100 horsepower more and has 600 pounds (272 kg) less to lug around, so on paper, it should be an easy win.

The first race is a convincing win…for the Genesis. The G70 may be heavier and down on power, but superior traction, a quick-shifting eight-speed automatic, and very little turbo-lag secure an effortless win.

Meanwhile, something odd is happening with the GT-R. It sounds like Gary is short-shifting as soon as the boost kicks in. Can it be a worn-out clutch? The second race isn’t much better, despite the GT-R getting “the hit” and a car length, while the G70 gets “ballast”.

Can a 500 Horsepower Genesis G70 Take On a 600 Horsepower R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R?
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Can the new Genesis G70 dethrone the Skyline GTR or will it get spanked?

The third, bonus race is from a roll. While driving towards the starting point, the GT-R’s RPMs are high, but once they get going, it seems Gary, once again, “babies” the car. In fact, he misses a gear, allowing the Genesis, to once again, eek out ahead.

No doubt, a disappointing end for many. Does that mean the Genesis G70 3.3t is the new King of Tuner cars? At least, both cars put on a smoke screen in the end, to mark the end of the latest "This vs That" episode on Hoonigan. The Genesis does victory donuts, while the GT-R does...defeat donuts? Could the race have turned out differently, if someone else was driving the GT-R? Also, would you do a rear-wheel drive and a single turbo conversion if you had a GT-R?

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