These big, brutish pickup trucks look like bulls let loose at the San Fermin festival!

We are always excited to see a drag race between monster vehicles. It’s one thing to see supercars race, but a completely different feeling to see huge beasts rev the holy hell out of their engines.

This time around, the guys at TFL raced three pickup trucks and an SUV in a gauntlet-style race where the winner of a round proceeds to the next to face a new opponent. The last standing contender wins it all. For this race, we have the likes of Jeep Gladiator, Ram Rebel, Ford F-250 Super Duty, and Jeep Wrangler. So, let the games begin!

Jeep Wrangler v Jeep Gladiator

First up, we saw the Jeep Wrangler take on its sibling, the Gladiator.

The Wrangler is packed with a 3.0-liter, V-6 turbodiesel engine that makes 260 horses and 442 pound-feet of torque. The Gladiator, on the other hand, is the Rubicon trim and comes with a lot of off-road equipment:

  • 3.6-liter, Pentastar V-6 mill
  • 285 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque
  • Rock-Trac 4x4 System with up to 84:1 crawl ratio
  • Two-speed transfer case
  • Electronic sway bar disconnect
  • Front and rear locking differentials
  • FOX shocks
  • 33-inch Falken All-terrain Wildpeak tires

Both vehicles were slotted into two-wheel-drive mode. Right from the go, the Wrangler sprinted off the starting line and maintained that lead till the very end. The huge torque difference and the turbodiesel made sure the Wrangler won comfortably.

Jeep Wrangler v Ram Rebel

Can a Turbo Diesel Jeep Wrangler Hold Up in a Drag Race Against a Gladiator, Ram Rebel, and Ford F-250?
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For the next race, the Wrangler faced competition from a mighty truck in the form of the Ram Rebel.

The Ram featured a 5.7-liter, V-8 HEMI engine that produced 295 ponies and 410 pound-feet of torque. It even came with some aftermarket accessories like the Mopar performance air intake and performance exhaust. However, the truck is a lot heavier than the Wrangler as it also features a lift kit and bigger tires. For this race, the Wrangler was slotted into four-wheel-drive high mode. That helped the SUV beat the Ram Rebel by a small margin.

Jeep Wrangler v Ford F-250 Super Duty

Can a Turbo Diesel Jeep Wrangler Hold Up in a Drag Race Against a Gladiator, Ram Rebel, and Ford F-250?
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Rolling on two consecutive wins, the Wrangler was all set to face the final contender – the Ford F-250 Super Duty.

The Ford truck was powered by a monstrous 7.3-liter, V-8 gasoline engine that makes 430 horses and 475 pound-feet of torque. The truck was slotted into two-wheel-drive mode for the race and the launch mode was activated by holding the traction control button. When the race began, it looked like the truck would beat the Wrangler, but it lost by the narrowest of margins.

Since the margin was quite small, they decided to engage the four-wheel-drive mode on the Ford F-250 and race again. This time, too, the Wrangler beat the F-250, but just by a few inches. Since the Wrangler emerged as the winner, the folks decided to do some 0-60 mph sprints to see if they can get better numbers with different settings. The first run was in two-wheel-drive mode with traction control off. It hit the 60 mph mark in 8.70 seconds. For the next run, the Wrangler was slotted in four-wheel-drive high mode and this time, it took 8.61 seconds to dispatch the sprint. Not too bad for a full-sized SUV, right?

Final Thoughts

Can a Turbo Diesel Jeep Wrangler Hold Up in a Drag Race Against a Gladiator, Ram Rebel, and Ford F-250?
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This drag race was like comparing oranges to apples. Nevertheless, it was a fun race. Although the Gladiator might have lost by a fairly big margin, it is all set to be featured with Wrangler’s V-6 turbodiesel engine sometime in 2020, according to Motor1. Who do you think would win then, amongst the two? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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