• Can An Old Tesla Model 3 Beat The New Model 3?

They are almost identical in all the aspects, but the results are not

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There have been so many races in the past where the Tesla Model 3 has obliterated supercars on a drag strip. But, how does it fare against the refreshed Model 3? The folks at Carwow brought the old and the new Model 3s on a drag strip to see if the new one is any better than the model it replaces. They have the same power specs and almost weigh the same, too. So, is there anything that can make the new Model 3 quicker and better?

Is The New Model Always Better Than The Old One?

Can An Old Tesla Model 3 Beat The New Model 3?
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Both the Tesla Model 3 Performance cars come with a dual motor setup, and make 457 horses and 487 pound-feet of torque.

The new Model 3 weighs 4,065 pounds, which makes it seven pounds lighter than the old Model 3. This is despite each wheel weighing around 2.2 pounds more than the old car. It also features a heavier acoustic glass. Tesla is usually discreet about the size of the battery pack, but the new Model 3 is said to have an 80 kWh Panasonic-sourced battery pack. The old Model 3 comes with a 75 kWh pack.

Can An Old Tesla Model 3 Beat The New Model 3?
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To keep the race fair, both have almost the same amount of charge and are set to the same settings. At the end of three drag races, the cars finished quite close, given the specs. However, it looks like the tires played a part in the starts to some extent. But, the hosts noted that the tires didn’t matter in the rolling races. The new Model 3 comes with Pirelli P-Zeros whereas the old car features Michelin Pilot Sports. In the brake tests, the track was the deciding factor as both the cars tried it on either side of the strip and the results were different; so no clear winner there.

Can An Old Tesla Model 3 Beat The New Model 3?
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All in all, it doesn’t seem like the new Tesla Model 3 comes with much of a difference in terms of performance. What do you have to say about it, though? Watch the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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