• Can Ken Block’s Hoonicorn Take Down a Ford GT Carbon Series?

Watch Ken Block’s Hoonicorn Mustang smoke a Ford GT on the drag strip

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When it comes to beefed-up Mustangs, no pony compares to Ken Block’s Hoonicorn. Sure, he uses the heavily modified 1965 Mustang for a lot of drifting, but it’s insanely powerful and, as a result, insanely fast too. How fast? Well, it can put a Ford GT Carbon Edition supercar to shame.

Can Ken Block's Hoonicorn Take Down a Ford GT Carbon Series?
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In case you missed it, Hoonigan is running a "Hoonicorn vs the World" series in which the beefed-up Mustang is pitted against supercars and highly modified sports cars and muscle cars. The latest episode brings the 2019 Ford GT Carbon Edition next to the Hoonicorn Mustang.

The American supercar is as stock as they get, so it features the usual twin-turbo V-6 engine rated at 647 horsepower. Needless to say, that’s well below the 1,400-horsepower rating of the Hoonicorn, which packs a twin-turbo, 6.7-liter V-8 created by Roush Yates. Block’s car is also AWD, whereas the Ford GT is rear-wheel driven.

Can Ken Block's Hoonicorn Take Down a Ford GT Carbon Series?
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Not surprisingly, the Ford GT is no match for the Hoonicorn, which wins all three straight-line races with ease.

Whether it’s a standing or a rolling 1,500-foot drag race, the twin-turbo Mustang goes like a rocket off the line and crosses the finish line seconds before the GT. The Hoonicorn also wins when the Ford GT is allowed to roll from 40 mph, but that’s not surprising given the massive amount of extra oomph the Mustang comes with. It’s not even a fair a comparison, but it’s solid proof that you can build a supercar beater with aftermarket parts based on any vehicle you want.

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