• Can New Mercedes-Benz Commercial With Santa Make You Lease An SUV Or A Sedan?

Mercedes Ads With A Heartwarming Christmas Theme

I love nice and fun commercials. Especially from car companies, because well, I am a car guy. I will never forget the one about the BMW M5 E39 for example. YouTube it, it is worth it. While I still find the ones prepared for the NFL Superbowl superior to all others, let’s face it, we are greeted with ever nicer commercials for the most important days of the year - Black Friday, Christmas/New Year sales and that. Believe it, Thanksgiving is important, but I question is it as important as Black Friday?

Despite the importance, right now we are greeted with a really cool Mercedes-Benz Christmas commercial. Ok, it is not a Christmas commercial, but actually, a TV spot promoting their Winter Event that is heavily inspired by Christmas and New Year.

The Pit Stop

In this rather nice TV commercial, Santa is driving a freaking Mercedes-AMG GT. It’s red, just like the sleighs. In front of it, a caravan of silver Mercedes-Benz vehicles drives, basically mimicking reindeers. Obviously, it is already awesome. And then, there’s a pup. The Pit Stop in the title of the commercial is actually tied with it. That little sucker has to go out from the AMG GT for a number 1. Or a number 2. Who knows!?

After getting in, Santa just gives the command and a caravan of silver Mercedes cars sets off in front of the red AMG.

All this for marketing the Mercedes-Benz Winter Event, that this year, like before, offers some special deals on some of the cars. In this case, it promotes the 2019 Mercedes-Benz C300 Sport Sedan for a $416/ month for a 36-month lease.

One Wish: Dreams

Mercedes-Benz prepared yet another commercial for its Winter Event. This one is called the “One Wish: Dreams”.

The point of it all is a simple one - Mercedes-Benz encourages you to never let go of your dreams (especially this season as it has prepared a cool GLC with awesome lease conditions).

The commercial manages to capture the Christmas expectations of a boy, well actually of a man, in 30 seconds. The camera follows him get up in the morning from a very young age with him peeking through the window expecting the ultimate present - a new car. Then, one morning, he gets up and there you have it - a stunning 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 4Matic awaits.

All that for a $469 monthly lease for 36 months.

What Is The Mercedes-Benz Winter Event?

Mercedes-Benz Winter Event is an annual sales event where Mercedes-Benz introduces a few really nice deals for some of its cars. Last year, it offered convertibles, sedans, and SUVs with some really appealing lease offers. This year, it celebrates the Event in the same breath but with new cars and with two short, but captivating commercials.

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