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Can the Tesla Plaid Beat the Heat?

The mighty Plaid takes on an old-school big tire ’80 Chevy Camaro cop car in a 1/4 mile showdown

It’s not every day that you get to run alongside and race a cop car. But with the “Take it to the Track” event currently underway at the Orlando Speedway World, you can. And this time around, it’s not just any cop car. In this showdown, Andrew from the Tesla Plaid Channel takes on a fire-breathing 1980 big tire Camaro Police car.

Beat The Heat - Big Tire Camaro

Can the Tesla Plaid Beat the Heat?
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On his final pass for the day, he got a chance to go up against a Big tire 1980 Chevy Camaro, aptly named; BEAT THE HEAT

The big tire Chevy that you see here is a Beat the Heat 1980 Camaro, that belongs to the Medley Police Chapter. You should check them out because apart from the Camaro, they have a bunch of potent drag machines at their disposal. The Camaro features a naturally aspirated 383ci stroker, that doesn’t use any power headers and has been a bracket car since they began racing with it back in 2007. You’ve got Seargent Jose Ayala at the wheel of this old-school muscle car.

Beattheheat_medleychapter - Sergeant Jose Ayala, founder of the Medley Beat the Heat Program! Thanks to this program in South Florida street racing has amazingly decreased. They rather go out and race in the track and what not better to race the ones that use to chase them. If you win you get a shirt that says I beat the heat and great bragging rights.

Tesla Model S Plaid

Can the Tesla Plaid Beat the Heat?
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Andrew from the Tesla Plaid Channel was at the Take it to the Track event, that is currently underway until the 14th of October

Andrew meanwhile as you know is using his all-new blue Tesla Model S Plaid. He has been frequenting the Orlando Speedway for the past couple of weeks and he recently took on a Kawasaki ZX-14 R. For this race, he sets the car to Plaid Mode, which at the time had 82% charge in the batteries. The Model S Plaid famously produces 1020 horsepower from its tri-motor setup. Apart from Pirelli P Zero 19” tires, the Tesla is bone stock.

Lets Race !!

Can the Tesla Plaid Beat the Heat?
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The lights go out and the Camaro gets some air and is ahead by a car length

With the specs out of the way, it’s time to race. And will you just take a listen to the Chevy’s 383ci? It sounds nothing short of mega, as it pulls off, one hell of a burnout. Both the Camaro and the Plaid line up at the Christmas tree for launch. The lights go out and the Chevy gets some serious air. The Camaro was ahead of the Tesla by a car length.

Can the Tesla Plaid Beat the Heat?
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Eventually, he nails it and the Plaid just clinched the win

The Tesla manages to catch the Chevy by the mid-way point, however, Andrew pedals the Plaid for a bit, which is why the two ran incredibly close. It was a photo finish with the Tesla just inching it at the quarter-mile. The Tesla clocked in a time of 10.41 seconds at 132.33 mph while the Big tire Camaro came in at 10.88 seconds at 119.85 mph.


Can the Tesla Plaid Beat the Heat?
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The numbers reveal how close these two ran

Sergeant Jose 60 footed pretty darn hard with an R/T of 0.247. Andrew though on this particular pass, had a poor reaction time at 0.566 and the numbers are proof of this, both cars were neck and neck at the ⅛ mile. Overall, I’m glad that Andrew had this run because it was the last one for the day. Watching the Plaid take on this old-school Camaro cop car was definitely a lot of fun.

Watch the Chevy Camaro Cop Car take on the Plaid in the clip below

Source: Youtube

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