• Can This Petition Convince Ford to Offer the Manual Transmission for Both Engines?

Every engine-trim-body-package needs the Bronco’s seven-speed manual gearbox irrespective of anything, right?

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From what we know about the Bronco so far, it is an impressive off-roader in almost every aspect. However, Ford did us wrong by only offering the manual transmission with the four-cylinder Bronco. There’s also a catch that you can’t have it with the Sasquatch package. Now, this is a bummer, and a petition on Change.org has started with the singular goal of persuading Ford to offer it as a DIY kit with all the combination. Will this petition change the minds of the execs sitting at Ford HQ?

What Bronco Configurations Can Have a Manual Transmission?

Can This Petition Convince Ford to Offer the Manual Transmission for Both Engines? Interior
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The manual transmission may be dying in passenger cars and people opting for it is declining gradually, but it is a sought-after feature in off-roaders.

The news of a manual transmission in Bronco made the enthusiasts and purists happy, but when Ford announced that it will be available only with one engine, the smiles turned upside down. The automaker said that it will be available only with the smaller 2.3-liter, four-cylinder mill that makes 270 horses and 310 pound-feet of torque. The other, more capable and more powerful engine - the 2.7-liter EcoBoost V-6 – which makes 310 horses and 400 pound-feet of torque – will be offered only with the 10-speed automatic transmission.

It didn’t end here. The very impressive Sasquatch Package, that offers a ton of off-road equipment, and can be had on any trim, also isn’t able to be packaged with the manual transmission. This means if you opt for the Sasquatch package even with the 2.3-liter mill, you cannot have it with the manual gearbox. You have to pick either the manual gearbox or the Sasquatch package.

Will The Petition Make An Impact?

Can This Petition Convince Ford to Offer the Manual Transmission for Both Engines? Interior
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Now, a gentleman named Kevin Flynn has started a petition to Ford that states the automaker should offer a manual transmission “with any combination of engines or packages”. At the time of writing, 4,291 people have signed this petition – including me! – to offer the manual gearbox as a DIY kit. Ford said it is open to feedback and suggestions, so if there are plenty of signatures, there’s a chance the Blue Oval seriously considers it.

Speaking of the Getrag-sourced manual gearbox, one of the seven gears present is a crawler gear. This crawler gear, when mated to the advanced four-wheel-drive system that Ford offers, generates a ratio of 94.75:1. This will work well in tandem with the other off-roading equipment offered on the Bronco and will be fun to use while tackling rough terrains.

Final Thoughts

Can This Petition Convince Ford to Offer the Manual Transmission for Both Engines?
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It is a cardinal sin to not offer a third pedal on an off-roader, especially if the gearbox is so capable. Ford should offer the Bronco with a manual transmission irrespective of the trim or engine or package combination. It is still a year away before Ford starts the deliveries, so if there are enough signatures, Ford could reconsider its decision here.

Will you sign this petition, or do you think it makes no sense and you’re happy with Ford’s strategy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Change.org

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