• Can You Guess What Cars Inspired the Beijing Radiance?

Remember the Infiniti Qs Inspiration concept from April 2019?

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Beijing, touted as a new brand under the BAIC umbrella, has unveiled the Radiance at the 2020 Beijing Auto Show, which kicked off on September 26. Instantly, the back of our minds flashed back to 2019, when Infiniti revealed the Qs Inspiration prototype, meant to preview a sporty electric sedan aimed at the Chinese market.

In all fairness, the Beijing Radiance looks like part Lucid Air, part Infiniti Qs

We’re still undecided from which it takes more styling cues, but that’s not necessarily the point here. We’ve seen Chinese cars ‘inspired’ by American or European models to more extreme heights, so we’ll let this one slide.

Just like any other all-electric sedan out there, the Beijing Radiance is out for Tesla Model S blood. For that to happen, its makers gave it the sedan-coupé shape, a closed-off front grille, aero wheels, and an overall streamlined shape that’s going to help it attain the estimated 800-kilometer (just short of 500 miles) range measured in the NEDC cycle.

Can You Guess What Cars Inspired the Beijing Radiance?
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Little else is known about the Radiance.

There’s no word on powertrain, what sort of battery it packs, how fast it can charge, or how much power and torque it can lay down on the ground.

All we know is the elusive “will rival the Tesla Model S” song sung by so many EV newcomers these days.

Well, at least the interior is what you’d call modern and luxurious. A particular highlight is represented by the seats equipped with futuristic-looking headrests, and we can also spot a tablet-like screen that’s mounted inside the steering wheel, a feature first introduced by Byton M-Byte SUV.

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