We’ve been trying to beat this thing for 2 hours and still can’t do it.

Alright, so Tesla’s Emergency Braking System has, without a doubt, saved a lot of lives or at least prevented a lot of injuries. Tesla doesn’t tell us exactly how its AEB system works or how fast it responds, but the guys over at Select Car Leasing analyzed a bunch of video and came up with a rough, but probably fairly accurate estimation: 0.3 seconds. I don’t have to tell you how fast that is, but it does raise a major question: Is it humanly possible to react as faster or faster than Tesla’s AEB system?

To find out the guys over at SCL put together a short, addicting, and painfully frustrating game that aims to figure out just that. It puts you in the driver’s seat of a test with autobrake disabled, and it’s on you to react as quickly as possible and hit the brakes when an obstruction suddenly appears in the road (all you have to do is hit the space bar). I’ve been playing this thing for, I kid you not, two hours and still can’t beat Tesla (The boss is pissed, by the way.) I came close at 362 milliseconds, but the Tesla was still a little faster. We’ve embedded the game below, so give it a try and let us know how quickly you can do it.

Update: A staffer here at TopSpeed actually managed to beat the Tesla, reacting in just 293 milliseconds. So, your new goal is to beat her time. Think you’re up for it?

Tesla Autobrake Reaction Game

How to play: Click in the frame above and hit the space bar as soon as you see the tree in the road.


Source: Select Car Leasing

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