Candy Run event will be broadcast on Sky TV as a 6 part (30 min) TV Series.

The Candy Run starts in London on the 21st July 2007 with up to 100 Supercar owners competing. The week long Rally will take them through Europe to 5 Gentlemen’s Clubs and 5 naughty themed Parties. During the Party, the Girls will perform private dances for the Candy Runners and at the end of each dance, the Girls hand over a sealed envelope containing a 6 number combination code.

Candy Run the Sexiest Supercar Run and TV Show
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At the final Party back in London, the Candy Runners enter there combination codes into the safe and the person who has the correct code that opens the safe wins £20,000 prize money.

Out Television crew will follow the 3 Candy Run Glamour models and their drivers throughout the Candy Run. Wireless cameras are being instaled in their Supercars and even in their hotel bedrooms.This up close and personal TV footage will bring Speed and Glamour to the show.

To date, there are 2 Lamborghini Mecielargo’s, One Gallardo, many Ferrari’s 360’s and 420’s, many Prisches GT2’s & 3’s. Plus one amazing 270mph Barabus.

Candy Run the Sexiest Supercar Run and TV Show
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Plus two Racing plans, with one occupeent who will parachute out of the plan and land as close to the Gentlemen’s club as possible. We two Guys in one Helicopter and a Ducati Superbike. One of the Candy Run entranrs is using his Sunseeker (94ft) to race across the channel. Another another is fitting Nitrous to his Nissan Skyline.

The show is still seeking people with interesting cars to take part and with a very afforable entrance fee of just £1,799 person which includes all hotel accommodation, meals, Champagne, Channel fees, Nuerembergring lap fees, Car Decals and a 90min DVD.

Source: Candy Run

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  (380) posted on 08.25.2010

So each car and motorcycle will have a specific candy girl to represent it.

  (5) posted on 08.3.2009

the blonde so dark you can harly see her

  (18) posted on 06.11.2007

I rather have the Blonde with Bikini than those Super Exotics Cars.

  (3) posted on 02.3.2007

um so how much do these girls charge 2 come ova

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