Super Bowl XLVIII ended with tears for some fans and with joy for others, and the tears were especially salty, considering the huge difference in score, as the Sehawks gave the Broncos quite a whooping 43-8. On a good note, at least there were some cool car commercials to enjoy during this total blowout.

Just like with the game, we had some winners and some looser. Commercials like Budweiser’s "Puppy Love" Jerry Seinfeld’s Reunion/Crackle received rave reviews and millions of views online, but we’re more interested in what happened in the automotive section.

Many consider Audi hit a home run with its "Doberhuahua" commercial, while Maserati’s "Strike" or Chevrolet’s "Romance" were total failures, but what do you think? In your opinion, which ad was the best this year?

In my humble opinion, I found Volkswagen’s "Wings" the funniest one of the year. As for the stinker of the year, I have to vote for Chevrolet’s "Romance" ad, as it seemed nearly pointless.

Click past the jump to see all of the Super Bowl XLVIII car ads.

Audi "Doberhuahua"

Chevrolet "Romance"

Chevrolet "Life"

Chrysler "America’s Import"

Ford "Rob Talks Mythology"

Ford "Nearly Double"

Honda "How to Hug"

Hyundai "Dad’s Sixth Sense"

Hyundai "Nice"

Jaguar "Rendezvous: The Set Up"

Jeep "Restless"

Kia "The Truth"

Maserati "Strike"

Toyota "Muppets"

Volkswagen "Algorithm"

Volkswagen "Wings"

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